Solar Electric systems can give you the independence from the utility company that you always dreamed of.

Imagine not being a slave to high monthly energy costs and producing your own clean, renewable energy with the sun.

Modern solar systems can either heat the water directly, or can can be integrated with solar-electric systems to keep the water warm and comfortable regardless of the weather.

In many cases, the energy savings can nearly double the length of your pool season!

So, of course, many of my customers have questions about solar systems for their swimming pools. What does it cost? What will it save, in terms of heating costs? Is it easy to use, once it's been installed?

I've created this page on my website to help answer some of those questions, and describe how I do Solar Heating Installations.

First off: there's a lot more to Solar Heating than just installing a bunch of panels on the top of your roof.

There are considerations for the angle of your roof, and which parts of your roof will best catch the warming rays from the sun. I take all of that into consideration before I even begin the job.


And there are plumbing considerations. The best way to route the various pipes before the pool is completed.

I also know the best and most economical ways to install solar heating sytems for existing pools. For solar heating, experience means everything. With nearly 50 years in the business, I know how to make these systems work... and work to their best efficiency!

For my solar-heating installations, I use Suntrek products. In my experience, these are the best quality and the most cost-efficient systems on the market.

Click here for more information about Suntrek.

Here's a shot of a pool, just when the solar-heating system has been activated. You can see the burst of warm water flowing into the pool.

What do you have to do to activate one of my solar-heating installations? Nothing! Automated sensors activate the valves and the pump, based on sunlight and the temperature settings.

Here's another option: a sliding cover for the pool. When the pool is covered, there's no evaporation from the surface of the water. And the cover helps keep the heat in the pool.

This sliding cover is push-button activated. Push to open... push to close! And it can be used in conjunction with a solar-heating system. The best of everything!

Feel free to contact me anytime, and we can discuss the solar-heating system that's perfect for your needs!