Like Solar Heating, Pool Covers and the so-called 'Solar Covers' have sparked a lot of interest here at Berge Pools. What will a cover save, in terms of heating costs? What are the benefits?

Well, there's a lot more to this topic than you might imagine.

The picture to the left shows a typical installation. Note that the pool cover can glide along tracks at the edge of the pool, so it can automatically and completely cover the pool when it's not in use.

Why should you use an energy-efficient pool cover?

Simple: an energy-efficient pool cover is the best thing you can do for your pool. It will give you the biggest cost savings on an ongoing basis. Please... read on!

It takes one BTU to raise the temperature of one pound of water by one degree.

(A pound of water is... about one pint).

If that same pint of water evaporates from the surface of your pool, it removes an astounding 1,048 BTU's of heat from your pool*. That's a lot of heat.

And that's just one pint of water, evaporating into the air! On a beautiful, hot, sunny day in Southern California, gallons of water can be lost due to evaporation.

The corresponding heat loss from your pool can be enormous... and that's a loss that you have to pay for to pump that heat back into your pool.

* source: US Department of Energy

First off: there's really no such thing as a 'Solar Cover.' Why? The term 'Solar Cover' implies that somehow, solar energy is put into the pool. Well, that's true, but it's a very small amount of the overall energy picture.

To get a bit technical... stay with me here... evaporation is the enemy when it comes to keeping the heat in a swimming pool.

When water evaporates, it removes heat from your pool. Simple as that.



The description to the left explains the extent that evaporation takes heat away from your swimming pool. Wow!



Heating Costs*


Pool Temp

No Cover
With Cover

*Figures based on a 1,000 square-foot, outdoor pool heated with an 80% efficient natural gas heater at $.50 per therm. For pools in the metropolitan area of Southern California, based on seaonal use from May 1st to Nov 1st.

*source: US Department of Energy, pool cover savings


Cost Savings
What does an energy-efficient pool cover from Berge Pools mean to you,and what does it mean in terms of heating cost and energy savings? It means a lot!

Simply stated: If you can cover your pool (when you're not using it) to prevent evaporation, the cost savings are dramatic.

The table to the left shows the cost differences for heating a swimming pool in Southern California with a good natural gas pool heater, with and without a cover.


The Berge Pools Advantage
for our Automated and Energy-Efficient Pool Cover Installations:


Push-Button Convenience
When you're ready for a swim, just push the button! The energy-efficient cover automatically retracts to expose the swimming pool.

When you're finished? Just push the button. In seconds, your pool is covered. Safe, covered, and energy efficient.

We make it easy and convenient to use a pool cover. The easier it is to use, the more you'll use it and the more you'll save.

A Cleaner Pool
When you're not using your pool, it's covered. This keeps out airborne dust and dirt, as well as preventing foliage from your property - leaves, grass, and more - from falling into your pool.

And you can realize substantial savings in pool chemicals by using a pool cover. Covering the pool also extends the life of pool treatment chemicals, such as chlorine. By reducing evaporation, the cover reduces the use of chemicals.

Depending on pool use, chemical savings can range from 35% to 60%.

A Safer Pool
When the pool is covered, the cover helps to provide a barrier that can prevent children and pets from accidently falling into the pool.

The Cover-Pools Inc. covers that I use for my installations are strong - really strong. You can actually walk across the pool when the cover is closed!

A Warm Pool, That's Ready to Go
With dramatic energy savings, it becomes affordable to keep your pool at the temperature that's comfortable for you.

Imagine: you no longer have to plan in advance for 'pool parties.'

No more 'cranking up the heat' and wasting energy for days at a time. Instead: your pool is always ready when you are!

Cost Savings.
A Cleaner Pool.
A Safer Pool.

A Warmer Pool...
... that's Ready when You Are.


That's the Energy-Efficient Berge Pool Covers Advantage!


Feel free to contact me anytime, and we can discuss the Energy-Efficient Pool Cover system that's designed for your pool, and your needs!